• Hay and straw available seasonally

  • Hay - timothy orchard grass mixtures

  • Straw - winter rye processed prior to seed set

  • 30-40Lb square bales only

  • Contact us for availability

Contact the farm to receive weekly availability.


  • Order for on farm pickup

  • Buy bulk produce 

  • Wholesale inquiries

  • Delivery available

  • Fresh burdock root

  • Garlic seed stock

  • Christmas wreath orders

  • Our farm debit card lets you choose what you buy

  • Your share season ends when you run out of credit

  • Stand open 7 days a week June through December

  • Earn extra CSA dollars when you purchase your card

  • Buy 250$,450$ or 650$ amounts

  • Your purchase supports local farms and businesses

Send payment to: 
Dog River Farm 
90 Murray Rd, Berlin VT 05602
Dog River Dollars (CSA)
Organic Hay and Straw
Order from the farm
Dog River Farm Hay
Dog River Farm Hay

Buy organic garlic seed - give a call to check availability August through November.

Certified organic garlic seed is grown, cleaned and packed here and sent to you priority mail. 


Varieties include - Georgia Fire, Red Russian, Music, Montana and German Extra Hardy.


All seed 20$/lb. shipping not included. 

Feeding the Capital City and Beyond

Contact 802-249-0383

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